Question evening -Bible Study New Video Release

Video Description: A series of 7 questions were given to various speakers to offer a brief but concise explanation for each of the subjects. The Questions were all offered by members of the Rugby Christadelphian Ecclesia

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The Bible Flood – Global or LocalDescription: Careful examination of the Biblical text helps establish the reality of the Global flood.

Why was the census of David’s troops such a serious sin?

Description: This situation is examined by looking at David’s life and the earlier census done in Israel is contrasted with David’s action.

“Explaining the conversations between Jesus and Satan”.

Description: Referring to the healing of Legion the madman, the language of the day defines mental illness as being demon-possessed.

Questions about the Angels

Description: Careful reference to the Bible show that the angels assisted God in the Creation process. The function of the angels is examined.


The righteous dead are raised immortal? Do you agree?

Description: All must appear before the judgment seat of Christ. This predates the conferring of immortality upon those who the Lord accepts.

Do we wear a Head Covering because of the angels?

Description: Divine order in creation was established in the beginning, and is the criteria God has set for the conduct of those who appear before God.

Rev 666: Is this the Pope or the WWW?

Description: In Greek and Latin, letters had numerical values. A number was sometimes used as a code for a name. This number is contrasted with those who have God’s name in their foreheads.