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Special public address given by the Rugby Christadelphians.

The Love Of God – Bible Study Boxset New Video Release


Description: The fact that Israel is now a nation is miraculous and was foretold in the Bible. The Jews are His witnesses that God will do as He has promised. God states that to test a prophet, you see if the things he proclaims come true. If they do he is from God.

May 14th 2018: Israel at 70 Anniversary: Proof God Exists and has a purpose with the Earth


This contains a number of resources to allow you to find out more about us, our beliefs and Bible teaching.

As Christadelphians we believe that the only way to navigate the myriad of different interpretations of Christian belief is to go back to the Bible; a careful examination of which reveals a large number of startling differences with the teachings of the mainstream denominations. In these pages we hope to set out some of these for you. We hope that you will use these resources to conduct your own examination.

Throughout the year we organise a number of Bible Talks, every Sunday and on other occasions. We give you a warm invitation to these. If you are unable to attend or prefer to study at home then this site will provide you with audio and video recordings of previous talks, articles on a range of subjects and links to numerous study materials elsewhere on the web.

If you take away nothing else from this site then we would urge you to do at least one thing. Read your Bible! It is suprising, compelling, moving and vital. It is a gift from God to us to help us to know Him. How can we ignore it? It can be hard to know how to start with such a mammoth task. To help, many Christadelphians follow a daily reading planner, The Bible Companion.

You may also find it useful to visit our sister site; the Christadelphian Bible Prophecy Channel on YouTube.

Or our dedicated Worldwide Christadelphian portal site Bible Truth And Prophecy

We are pleased to present a wonderful new series given at the Benn Hall in Rugby.

A 3 part series under the theme ‘ Reasons to Believe…’

Reasons to Believe in a Creator Three Part Video Bible Study Series

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Hope Of Israel Day: Coventry Special effort April 2017 4 Part Bible Study Series